PSC Standard Gen IV Super Flow Power Steering Reservoir



  • Replaceable Wix filter
  • 6AN return fitting and 10AN feed fitting to pump
  • Now with new optional Aux port for hydroboost brakes
  • Universal mount clamp included
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PSC reservoirs are manufactured out of 6061T6 aluminum and are TIG welded together with the best welds you will ever see. Another great feature is the 35 micron cartridge filter inside that can serviced through the large fill cap. You would now have a serviceable power steering system that you could do regular oil and filter changes on.

A pretty reservoir that works. This is just not a hollow can made for looks, this reservoir is more funcational as it is good looking. The reservoir has an intergal filter system, that virtually elimates any chances for cavation leading to heat and loss of pressure in the system.This helps prevent noise and eventually failure to your power steering pump. A oversized vented and oring sealed cap allows easy filling and fluid inspection.

Included is a billet clamp for easy hanging or optional universal base mount for those tight engine compartments

Note: It is recommended to mount the reservoir so the fluid level remains above the level of the pump and that the hose the supplies fluid back to the pump from the reservoir not exceed 16”. If the pump supply hose exceeds the 16” you could possibly create a vacuum situation that will create aeration in the pump. This will results in a noisy, whining pump that will eventually fail.